Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have some queries?
Have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Should I Apply?

If you have a project that’ll make heads turn, we want to hear from you. No exhaustive pitches, no professional  profiles and no business plans. To send in your entries, just share your idea with us in a short 5 minute audio-video clip on Whatsapp and that’s about it. 

Are there any Eligibility Requirements?

At Super 13, your passion to create is the only yardstick that truly matters. Here, your language, background, academic accolades, experience, funding or network is not a prerequisite for the program. We would be happy to guide anyone who has that spark to change the world.

How many Ideas would be selected?

As the name of our project suggests, we would select exactly 13 ideas. The selected ideas would be monitored closely and guided throughout.